• 16-09

    Training Pioneer DJ Tour 1 in Call & Play

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    Call & Play has already available in its stock the new Pioneer DJ booth, composed by one DJM Tour 1 mixer and two CDJ Tour 1 CD-players, the most spectacular and new at Pioneer DJ, designed for festivals and major DJ events.

    In order that the Call & Play staff, especially its live technicians and persons in charge of the DJ area at our several warehouses, gets to know thoroughly the new product, its features and possibilities, we have organized, together with Pioneer, a training session that will take place on September30 inCall & Play Barcelona, led by Jordi Carreras, product tester and official trainer at Pioneer DJ in Spain, Director of studies and professor at the official Academy of DJs and producers of Barcelona (Plastic), also a recognized DJ.

    The session will also be wired for sound with new high-powered active speakers Pioneer XPRS (XPRS12, XPRS15 and XPRS215S), which also already part of the stock at Call & Play.



  • 12-06

    Call & Play Ibiza

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    Call & Play has opened a new office in Ibiza, Calle l'Orval, near the airport.

    Its warehouse will have a wide offering of fixed backline, DJ, stage risers, etc., and also will also have the support of other Call & Play branches, like Valencia and Barcelona in first place, but also other  Call & Play offices, in order to maintain regular communication with Ibiza to strengthen its stock when necessary, so that the service on the island has the standard professional level in Call & Play.

  • 29-12

    Deivhook with Yamaha, Call & Play and Nike on New Year’s Eve

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    The "Monkey-Boy" that is revolutionizing the concept of drumming inSpainhas a name : DEIVHOOK. This young promise belongs to a new generation of drummers. With a  law degree and a high-polished technique acquired during a stance in the US, he has created the first "Monkey Drum" national channel on Youtube and today he can boast of being the most watched drummer on Spanish network.

    Here we see him with Javier Ochoa, from Yamaha Music Europe, in the Call & Play warehouse inMadrid, preparing the drum kit with which he will perform at the "San Silvestre Vallecana", for an event sponsored by Nike.

    The Drumkit is a Yamaha Absolute Maple Hybrid, the rack is a HEXRACK, cymbals and gong are Paiste.

    A triumph to come !

  • 05-10

    Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple arrives at Call & Play

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    In Call & Play has arrived a new Absolute Hydrid Maple drumset created by Yamaha, which debuted in our country in the Yamsession 2.014 (4 and 5 September, Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid).

    From right now, Call & Play can offer the full range of the new model, including drums and toms of all sizes and measures, in addition to the corresponding snares.

    The new Absolute Hybrid Series drumshells inherits its technology from the iconic Yamaha PHX series. In this new series of drumshells, the design consists of a central core of wenge, a very hard and heavy African wood, sandwiched between layers of maple wood, well known for the clarity of their sound. This design provides hybrid acoustic drum tones that sound clear with a rich timbre at any point that touches dynamic range, from the softest to the more intense interpretation.

  • 16-03


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    We invite you to visit our new musical instruments store OUTLET area in the Colombia Commercial Mall,Bucaramanga Ave#2 inMadrid. Here you will find new top quality products, at highly discounted prices.

    There are guitars, basses, amps, pedals, accessories, effects, etc.. belonging to discontinued series, or single units that have been left in the store. Discounts range from 30-35% to 60% or more. The truth is there are great opportunities, many of them unique, for in most cases we only have one of each product left.

    On the web, in the STORE section, you can see the products that are being put on sale. People who cannot go to the store, can request information about products and conditions of sale and shippingt by calling 913817101 or emailing


  • 02-06

    Call & Play Lisbon

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    Call & Play begins a new stage and set permanently in Lisbon with offices and warehouse fully prepared to provide daily service to both small events and large festivals.

    Its permanent staff incorporates an experienced team of professionals - Rui Oliveira, Joao Costa and Rita Matreno - and becomes a high-quality option in the music industry in Portugal.

    Among the contributions of Call & Play highlights the breadth of its product catalog, published on its website and updated daily. You can find almost any item that a musician needs, from the most vintage to the newest, plus DJ's equipment's largest stock, symphonic percussion, acoustic pianos, etc... This catalog comes with a high capacity service in logistics that has been tested in thousands of events, large and small, with the experience of over 20 years supporting the field of live music and corporate events.

    In addition, the integration of Lisbon within the network of Call & Play offices offers the ability to manage jointly artist tours that visit the two countries.

  • 03-03

    Keyboards exposure renewed

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    Call & Play has renewed and expanded its keyboards section of its store in Madrid. As of now, there's a unique space within its premises for the exhibition of the different models of keyboards.

    In this section, you'll find the well-known brands such as Yamaha, Korg, Roland or Casio, and models ranging from simple and economical, designed expressly to start studying, to high-end models for advanced students and professional musicians.

  • 04-02

    Call & Play invites you to play a Bösendorfer

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    Call & Play invites all its customers and friends to play aBösendorfer 290 Imperial, from the 8th to the 16th of February, in the Colombia Mall  (Bucaramanga Av, 2 - Madrid), on the ground floor, next to his musical instruments shop.

    The Bösendorfer 290 Imperial has 97 keys, instead of the usual 88 of a normal piano so that its reaches a complete 8-octaves range. This expanded range allows faithful interpretation of certain compositions of Bartók, Debussy, Ravel and Busoni, among others.

    With its almost 10 feet long, it's one of the most amazing musical instruments. Call & Play provides this unique opportunity to play it, in a move aimed at music schools in the area and also to any visitor to the Mall who would not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of having a Bösendorfer Imperial in their hands.

  • 02-01

    Yamaha MX Demo at CES Campus

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    Call & Play and Yamaha have organized the presentation of the new Yamaha MX49 and MX61 synthesizers on the campus of the College of Audio and Video CES in Madrid on December 12. The presentation was conducted by Smorenburg Bert, Professor of Audio Production and Mixing / Producing at the Conservatory of Rotterdam, top-demonstrator and Yamaha Music Production Specialist with his proper studio (Smoor Studio) for international productions.

    The presentation of the Yamaha MX49 and MX61synthesizers is aimed at ESC students on subjects related to computer and music production. It has been an interactive demonstration where over 100 students have been able to check the MX integration in Steinberg Cubase synthesizer's software, with reviews on wiring, basic DAW recording, virtual instruments and external audio mixing.

    This activity has launched a collaboration between Yamaha, Call & Play and the CES that will be developed throughout this course and the following ones.

  • 02-07

    Alquiler de arpas en Call & Play

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    La incorporación de un arpa Salvi Diana al catálogo de Call & Play marca un hito en el intenso proceso de desarrollo de nuestra sección de sinfónica e instrumentos de orquesta.

    Esta sección no ha parado de desarrollarse y ampliarse desde que se puso en marcha hace unos quince años. Primero fue la percusión sinfónica (marimbas, xilófonos, vibráfonos, tubular bells, glockenspiels, timpani, bombos sinfónicos, etc.), que se ha ido complementado con otros instrumentos de orquesta, como contrabajos, violonchelos o violines de alta gama, pianos acústicos de la categoría del Dösendorfer Imperial o del Yamaha CFIII, y accesorios como podium de director, atriles de concierto, etc.

    Los instrumentos que ofrece Call & Play en esta sección son siempre del más alto nivel, tanto en lo que se refiere a las marcas (Yamaha, Ludwig-Musser, Bösendorfer…), como a los modelos, ya que se dirigen al músico de orquesta de gran concierto.

    En esta línea, el arpa Salvi Diana, situada en el top de la serie Gran Concierto, es un arpa para solista, y se presenta como una joya Salvi apreciada en todo el mundo del arpa por su legendario sonido. Gracias a ella, el alquiler de arpas en Call & Play se pone al nivel del más exigente de los arpistas.

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