Gaffer tape

Black, white or fluorescent colours, it has characteristics that make it essential on any stage.

The American tape, also called Gaffer tape or Gaffa tape, in black, white or fluorescent colors, has characteristics that make it essential on any stage : it is an adhesive tape made of fabric that is very resistant to tearing and tension and, at the same time, it takes off easily and leaves little or no residue.

Call & Play imports Pro-Gaff brand tape directly from the USA, one of the best and best known in the market, and makes it available to its customers at a tight price.

There are those who differentiate a subclass of adhesive tape that would be called Duct tape, and that is distinguished from the Gaffer tape both by the composition of the outer layer (which is vinyl or other plastic material instead of fabric), and because the adhesive is something less resistant and does not peel off so easily. A little cheaper than the Gaffer tape, the duct tape also has its advantages and its specific uses.

To finish the section of adhesive tapes offered by Call & Play, we have to mention the double-sided tape for carpets and dance floors, and electric tape, also known as Chatterton. All of them are used regularly on stage.

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They meet the standards of safety, resistance and capacity, as protection against fire or water.

Two types of dance floors: flamenco floor and vinyl or linoleum floor.

Solutions related to the adaptation of backline equipment.

Lecterns for orchestra, for the conductor, for jazz, conferences, press conferences ou cerimónias de entrega de prémios.


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