Coordination festival backline.

Specialized service of pre-production and coordination of the festival backline.

Preproduction and coordination of festival backline

Our specialized festival staff prepares, based on the artists' riders, a proposal that meets the requirements of those riders, at the same time adjusting to the logic of the stages and the criteria set by the festival's production.

Depending on the case, general listings are prepared for each stage, or specific listings for specific artists; it is taken into account if the groups are going to share backline, or if there are going to be exclusivities; Sometimes there will be basic equipment and extras, and sometimes only basic equipment, etc.

We adapt to all possible situations, since we know that each festival has its own particular needs. The goal is that the artists feel comfortable with their backline, and that the production budget is as tight as possible.

Other featured services

We have service agreements with endorsers with brands such as Yamaha, Roland, DW, Pearl, MarkBass or Orange, among others.

Multi-site option where the backline equipment, technicians and transport are local.

Delivery and collection service adapted to the different needs of the clients.

Our relationship with television, film and advertising has been a constant over the years.

Assistance throughout the event with technical support at different levels.


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