Television, cinema, advertising

Our relationship with television, film and advertising has been a constant over the years.

Call & Play's relationship with television, film and advertising has been constant throughout the years.

We collaborate on television programs with live music, year-end galas, contests and series. Whether live music or playback, the quality of our instruments, including pianos, is a guarantee for any program.

Our forays into the world of cinema have been less numerous, but some notable, such as in the movie "Grand piano", in which Elijah Wood shares the limelight with our Imperial Bösendorfer.

The world of advertising has its own rules, in which what counts is being able to choose the right instrument based on often aesthetic or symbolic criterias. It is quite common for advertising creators to visit our stores to physically see the instruments and thus be able to choose the most suitable for their advertisement. Nowhere else will they find so much variety in brands, models and, put to it, styles and colors. The list of brands in some of whose advertisements we have participated is long : Seat, Audi, BMW, Fiat 500, Benetton, H&M, Ikea, Sanex, Ax, Lancôme, Bifrutas, Lays, Kinder, eBay, Jagger, Smirnoff, Nastro Azzurro, Vodafone, Movistar, Samsung, Huawei, Yoigo, Coca-Cola, Aquabona, Mundo Basket, Telepizza, Banco Santander, etc. always through the production companies we use to work with.

Other featured services

We have service agreements with endorsers with brands such as Yamaha, Roland, DW, Pearl, MarkBass or Orange, among others.

Multi-site option where the backline equipment, technicians and transport are local.

Delivery and collection service adapted to the different needs of the clients.

Specialized service of pre-production and coordination of the festival backline.

Assistance throughout the event with technical support at different levels.


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