The Player-Date is made out of 7-plies of the reowned mahogany coming from the “Gladstone Woods” (Kansas City, USA). C & C wanted to focus on one main objective: more wood, less glue. Because of that the thicker plys give a lower fundamental tone, which in turn gives a warmer sound. The Player Date Big Beat with its 14 × 22 bass drum, 8 × 13 rack tom, 15 × 16 floor tom and matching 6.5 × 14 snare drum presents itself as the perfect rock setup ranging from rock ‘n’ roll and punk rock to alternative rock over to indie and hard rock. Nevertheless a characteristic jazz tuning is also easily attainable because of the tremendous tuning range. The uniqueness of the in-house produced Gladstone Shells offers a warm vintage sound. Cymbals not included.
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