C. & M. STAGE TRANSFOR 2KVA NOMINAL 110v CM40002 2 output

Brought to you by Carroll & Meynell, this high quality portable safety isolating transformers provides safe site electrics for power tools and lighting. Encased in a rugged insulated and splashproof GRP enclosure, this high quality safety isolating transformer is suited for tough conditions. Features and Benefits: Double-wound construction. Secondary centre-tap earthed to minimise shock risk. Thermal safety fuse embedded into primary winding. Resettable thermal cut-out in primary circuit to prevent overload. Specifications: Primary Voltage Rating: 230V ac. Secondary Voltage Rating: 112. Power Rating: 2kVA. Number of Phases: 1. Output Current: 15A. Series: CM40002. Minimum Operating Frequency: 50Hz. Maximum Operating Frequency: 60Hz.
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