Rental conditions, prices and discount

Call & Play ofrece condiciones y precios distintos según se trate del catálogo profesional o del de estudiantes de música.

Professional catalogue

The prices in the catalogue are for one day's rental in mayland (21% VAT is not included). For longer rental periods we apply progressive discounts. For example:

  • 2 day’s rental: you pay one day’s rental price x 1.5
  • 3 day’s rental: you pay one day’s rental price x 1.8
  • 7 day’s rental: you pay one day’s rental price x 3


If the rental is for a month or longer we apply special discounts. For rehearsals, charity events, etc., we offer reduced prices.

Our regular customers are given special discounts that increase according to the volume of rentals.

Student catalogue

Music students get special conditions, prices and discounts. For more information go to Students' page.


Call & Play can transport material to anywhere in the city or area where it has a warehouse and to most places in Spain, Portugal and southern France. However, we don't send certain delicate equipment by courier or by plane. Transportation costs are always paid for by the client.

Methods of payment

Regular clients are subject to normal credit terms. Occasional clients must pay before the material is collected. If the rental doesn't include a Call & Play technician who is responsible for the material, then it's necessary to pay a deposit of at least 300€. This deposit must be paid by credit card and is refunded when the material is returned. It's also necessary to present a valid passport or identity card.
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