Essential material to complete the equipment for an event

A secção de equipamentos de palco, qua nasceu para complementar o serviço de backline, cresceu até chegar a ser um departamento em si mesmo, com um grande stock de estrados, pistas de dança, telas acústicas, púlpitos, cadeiras, carpetes, baias extensíveis, transformadores de corrente, pasa-cabos e otros acessórios.

All this is, today, essential to complete the equipment of a stage or an event, since it not only gives solution to multiple issues of implementation in the space, but also facilitates the development of the activity and, in many occasions, it helps to achieve a perfect finish from an aesthetic point of view.


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Call & Play is the supplier of the big DJ and electronic festivals in the Iberian Peninsula.

Our offer includes all the material to mount a comprehensive audiovisual show.

We have sliding tables for immediate set changes.

Whether it's a DJ Set or a Live DJ, Call & Play is always the best option.

We are a Pioneer DJ dealer because of our high quality standards.

They meet the standards of safety, resistance and capacity, as protection against fire or water.

Two types of dance floors: flamenco floor and vinyl or linoleum floor.

Solutions related to the adaptation of backline equipment.

Lecterns for orchestra, for the conductor, for jazz, conferences, press conferences ou cerimónias de entrega de prémios.

Black, white or fluorescent colours, it has characteristics that make it essential on any stage.

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