DJ Set, or Live Set?

Whether it's a DJ Set or a Live DJ, Call & Play is always the best option.

In a DJ Set session, the DJ plays and mixes pre-recorded music, either digitally or through vinyl. The basic equipment consists of a mixer and some players, which can be complemented by rhythm machines or samplers. The songs can be their own or those of other artists. The great DJs captivate their audience: very sensitive to their reactions, they select the themes to maintain the desired rhythm and intensity.

In a DJ Live session, the artist not only mixes songs, but plays and creates new live music, using software and hardware and making each performance unique. It can even include musical instruments such as guitars, synthesizers, percussion, winds, violins, etc. Some people call this type of artist DJ Act, and reserve the name DJ Live who only uses software such as Ableton but not instruments.

In any case, producers of DJ Set or DJ Live sessions can find everything they need at Call & Play: the latest in mixers or players, vintage devices, musical instruments, synthesizers, rhythm machines or samplers, etc.

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Our offer includes all the material to mount a comprehensive audiovisual show.

Call & Play is the supplier of the big DJ and electronic festivals in the Iberian Peninsula.

We have sliding tables for immediate set changes.

We are a Pioneer DJ dealer because of our high quality standards.


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