Piano: tradition and innovation
A piano for every occasion

Call & Play serves different types of events: concerts and recitals of classical or popular music, jazz and pop music festivals, social events such as weddings and celebrations, advertising or movies, theater, etc.

To adapt to the wide variety of situations, needs and possibilities, the offer is very wide, including artisanal Grand Concert pianos, acoustic pianos, hybrid pianos, that is, acoustics with direct connectivity, and digital concert pianos.

The different characteristics and specifications of each piano allow you to choose the ideal one for each occasion.


Featured services

Call & Play is the supplier of the big DJ and electronic festivals in the Iberian Peninsula.

Our offer includes all the material to mount a comprehensive audiovisual show.

We have sliding tables for immediate set changes.

Whether it's a DJ Set or a Live DJ, Call & Play is always the best option.

We are a Pioneer DJ dealer because of our high quality standards.

Specialized personnel, conditioned vehicles and custom-made covers.

We tune, maintain and adjust our pianos before delivery.

We have guides to know the basic characteristics and specifications of our pianos.

De Gran Concierto, calidad superior y elaboración artesana, indicados para las grandes ocasiones.

Acoustic pianos that incorporate cutting-edge technology that expands their possibilities.

New products

1200.00 €
625.00 €
Maria João Pires at the Maestranza in Seville with our Steinway D-274
Farewell to an epic 2022. Ready for 2023.
Presentation in Seville of the new Yamaha CFX: symbiosis between piano and pianist
Brilliant Noches del Botánico in Madrid
A splendid Mad Cool on its 5th anniversary in Madrid
Call & Play cambia de nave en Madrid
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