Hybrid pianos

Acoustic pianos that incorporate cutting-edge technology that expands their possibilities.

Hybrid: acoustic piano with connectivity

Hybrid pianos are acoustic pianos that incorporate some cutting-edge system or technology that expands their possibilities. By combining its acoustic characteristics with digital advanced technology, it allows you to have the best of both worlds.

The Silent piano can mute the strings. The movement of the keys is converted into a MIDI signal and can be attached to a sound module and used as a digital instrument through headphones or speakers. They can also be attached to a computer for use with music notation software.

The TransAcoustic piano goes further and opens a world of totally new possibilities to the pianist. As an acoustic piano it has a level of sound quality and exceptional manufacturing; when its TransAcoustic technology is activated, its digital dimension is set in motion, with preset sounds of electric pianos, harps, Yamaha CFX, etc., that resonate naturally, exactly as an acoustic piano would, through the vibration of the harmonic board and the strings.

Yamaha's Avantgrand Series pianos stand out for the exclusive combination of real piano mechanics and cutting-edge digital sound generation.

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