Tuning, adjustment and maintenance

We tune, maintain and adjust our pianos before delivery.

Tuning, adjustment and maintenance service

Pianos are delicate instruments that require professional attention periodically. Basically, there are two types of professional piano care: tuning and adjustment.

Tuning means correcting the pitch of each note by readjusting the strings. Each piano string is normally tensioned at a pressure of about 90 kg, but eventually the string will stretch more with use, losing its correct fingerboard. The strings need to be tuned from time to time, depending on the use, where the piano is located and also the quality of the piano (the better the piano is, the less it gets out of tune).

Normally, a piano is tuned every time he goes for a performance, when he is already at the concert site. Sometimes the artist requires a second tuning or even that the tuner is present throughout the day.

The adjustment comprises the total piano action, keyboard and pedal movements. A proper fit is especially important for grand pianos. Whether the piano plays perfectly or not depends on the accuracy with which it has been adjusted.

We have collaborators, who are part of our team in the different offices and who are in charge of tunings and adjustments, and also take care of the most important maintenance interventions, when necessary, either in our facilities or in their own workshops.

Piano technician team


Iván Dimitrov

Iván Dimitrov, trained at the Conservatorio Superior de Música and the Trakia Agroiconomica University of Bulgaria, has resided in Barcelona since 1999. Piano tuner and restorer, with its own workshop, collaborates closely with Call & Play.


Óscar Olivera

When a piano has passed through the hands of Óscar Olivera we can be sure that its state will touch perfection. He is a teacher and technical specialist in tuning, adjusting, maintaining and repairing pianos, and he is in charge, among other things, of adjusting Call & Play pianos when they are released.


José Amaya

José Amaya has been tuning the Call & Play pianos for more than 20 years. Resident in Madrid, he is one of our oldest and most respected collaborators.


Cristóbal Soria

Cristóbal Soria, a piano graduate, trained in Fazioli, is responsible for maintenance and tuning of the pianos of various conservatories in Andalusia. He collaborates with Call & Play from Seville, where he has his workshop.


Juan Carlos Yeves

In Valencia is Juan Carlos Yeves, who is in charge of maintaining the pianos of conservatories such as Catarroja, Utiel, Professional and Superior Dance of Valencia, Alcoi Conservatory, Benicarló Conservatory, Benissa, Gandía Music School, Graó de Gandía, Vinarós, Burjasot Rocafort, Torrent, L'Alcudia de Carlet, Muro Regional School of Music, etc.



Jose Mari Santamaría

He covers, from Bilbao, the area of Euskadi, Navarra, Cantabria, Rioja and Burgos. Since 1990 he has been a piano tuner. He completed his training at El Real Musical (Madrid), specializing in tuning, regulation and intonation techniques for pianos. Throughout his professional career, he has made visits to various piano construction and repair workshops, thus completing his training.


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