Dance floors

Two types of dance floors: flamenco floor and vinyl or linoleum floor.

Call & Play offers two types of dance floors: flamenco floor and vinyl or linoleum floor. 

The flamenco floor is formed by acoustic wooden modules that house microphones in its lower part, which collect the sound produced by the artist when dancing. Call & Play has 192 m2 of flamenco floor for rent, as well as specialized personnel who assemble and disassemble at the event site.

The vinyl or linoleum floor is formed by sheets assembled to cover a space or a stage where one is going to dance or where an event is going to take place.

Other featured services

They meet the standards of safety, resistance and capacity, as protection against fire or water.

Solutions related to the adaptation of backline equipment.

Lecterns for orchestra, for the conductor, for jazz, conferences, press conferences ou cerimónias de entrega de prémios.

Black, white or fluorescent colours, it has characteristics that make it essential on any stage.


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