Powered by the world’s most advanced embedded software, Engine OS, the SC range of digital media players feature large and responsive HD touchscreens with intuitive and familiar workflows, pristine audio quality, and pro-grade connectivity for pro-mobile, club, and main stage gigs. WiFi-enabled for access and playback of premier music streaming services such as Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK, SoundCloud GO+, and TIDAL plus a direct connection to the cloud with onboard Dropbox integration. Feature-rich including several industry-leading capabilities such as dual-layer playback, onboard music analysis, and best-in-class time-stretch producing sonically perfect audio reproduction at the most extreme tempo changes.
Daily rental price; for two days multiply by 1.5; for a week multiply by 3 (21% of VAT not included. Price not valid on islands.) Check rental conditions
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