Alejandro Sanz sings on the Moratalaz bridge

On Sunday, July 5, 2020, Alejandro Sanz gave a surprise concert just above a bridge on Madrid's M-30. It is the walkway that connects the Moratalaz neighborhood, where the singer was born in 1968, and the Estrella neighborhood.

The event has been organized by the Madrid City Council, which has renamed this bridge as Puente del Corazón Partío, in honor of one of the musician's greatest successes.

Sanz has begun his brief performance after four months "so difficult for everyone" with the song Viviendo Deprisa, he has continued with the recent Yo canto para alguien como tú and has finished with Corazón Partío.

We thank the artist for the opportunity to be there with him, as suppliers of the musical instruments.

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