On tour with C. Tangana: “sin cantar ni afinar”, but succeeding a lot

On Saturday, May 5, the 15,000 people who filled the WiZink Center in Madrid attended the consecration of C. Tangana as one of the biggest stars of current Spanish pop. A quick reading of the reviews gives an idea of what this concert has represented: “a true blockbuster”, “reinvents pop concerts with an original and magnetic show”, “strangely intimate and organic show”, etc.

The performance is part of the tour “Sin cantar ni afinar", which is the presentation of the album "El madrileño". In this record, C. Tangana unites tradition and modernity, going from flamenco-pop to Latin rhythms and urban music.

Call & Play celebrates its success and is happy to be participating in this tour as a backline provider for the concerts.

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