Jazzándaluz Festival, Priego de Córdoba

Andalusian jazz has starred in the fifth edition of the Priego de Córdoba Jazzándaluz Festival, on August 13, 14 and 15.

On the first day, Rafa Redondo and Antonio del Caño (R.A.zz) presented Miscelínea, a work that combines rock, flamenco and Andalusian song, and jazz. Miscelínea, un trabajo en el que se unen el rock, el flamenco y la canción andaluza, y el jazz.

On the second day, Pepa Niebla presented Renaissance, her first album of original compositions. Renaissance, su primer álbum de composiciones originales.

On the 15th, the great Dorantes arrived with the album Tiempo Por Witness, which celebrates the author's 20-year career. With his trio formation, Dorantes himself on piano, Javier Moreno's double bass and Isidro Suárez's percussion offered a concert full of strength and nuances.

Call & Play provided, in addition to the Yamaha CFX piano, a backline made up of drums and bass and guitar amps.

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