Presentation of Milagro, Dellafuente's new album

Call & Play has been in charge of the sound, wireless microphones and lighting for the presentation of the new Dellafuente album, in Madrid and Granada.

The presentation in Madrid took place on November 19 at the Jorge Juan Events Center, and on November 23 in Granada, in an old chapel converted into a Cultural Center, the El Gran Capitán Cultural Center.

Those attending the presentations were able to live an immersive experience. About 50 people entered each of the different sets, and listened to the songs through headphones, surrounded by the decoration of an Andalusian patio, with smoke, water flowing from a fountain and the sound of birds.

Dellafuente is a Granada-born musician who is a reference in the new Spanish urban music. His music has flamenco nuances and autotune, and is described by Sony, his record company, as "timeless folk music".

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