The Festival de les Arts returns to Valencia

In the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, on November 5 and 6, more than 40,000 people have attended to enjoy the Festival de les Arts : music, illustration, gastronomy and much more.

As in other similar events, the anti-covid protocol has also been applied here, consisting of wearing a mask and presenting a negative antigen test, PCR or vaccination certificate to access the venue. From there, freedom of movement to listen, sing and dance to the sound of bands such as Vetusta Morla, Rigoberta Bandini, Siloé, La Cuarto Roja, Fangoria, and La Chica Sobresalto, among others.

The backline, platforms and walkies were supplied by Call & Play. We remain attentive to the appointment set for the next edition of the festival, on June 3 and 4, 2022.

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