The VC7SG cello features the same select, high quality wood and hand craftsmanship as the V7SG violin. It is finished and adjusted by the most experienced artisans, and is capable of beautiful rich tonal colors. Body Finish: Fully Hand Brushed. Body Varnish: Oil Varnish, Shading. Body Type: Stradivarius. Size: 4/4. Top: Spruce. Back: Maple. Side: Maple. Neck: Maple. Finger Board: Ebony. Bridge: Aubert.Tuning Pegs: Ebony. Tailpiece: Wittner "Ultra". Strings Brand: Helicore. Fine Tuner: Wittner "Ultra" (4 fine tuner).
Daily rental price; for two days multiply by 1.5; for a week multiply by 3 (21% of VAT not included. Price not valid on islands.) Check rental conditions
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