Technical staff

Assistance throughout the event with technical support at different levels.

Technical support

When the client requests it, or when the nature of the event requires it, the material can be accompanied by technical support of different levels, from basic assembly and disassembly to complete assistance throughout the event. 

We have a large team of qualified and experienced backline technicians who understand the technical needs and expectations of the professional musician, and who collaborate in tune with the production team.


In the training of these technicians, music and sound occupy a prominent place. In addition, Call & Play organizes specialized monographic courses to complete their training and keep their knowledge up to date.

In the case of the new technicians who join our team, we offer a basic intensive course that gives them an overview of the large families of the backline and the skills that a good technician must master.

Other featured services

We have service agreements with endorsers with brands such as Yamaha, Roland, DW, Pearl, MarkBass or Orange, among others.

Multi-site option where the backline equipment, technicians and transport are local.

Delivery and collection service adapted to the different needs of the clients.

Our relationship with television, film and advertising has been a constant over the years.

Specialized service of pre-production and coordination of the festival backline.


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