Multi-site tours

Multi-site option where the backline equipment, technicians and transport are local.

Easy tour service

The geographical implementation of Call & Play, with nine delegations distributed between Spain and Portugal, allows us to offer a totally unique service, and very beneficial for our clients, which we call “multisede tour” or “easy tour”.

Only advantages

When an artist makes a tour in the iberic peninsula, he can opt for the traditional service, in which the backline travels from city to city, or he can choose the multi-site option that is more economical in most cases, since the backline team, technicians and transport are local.

The way to budget the tours, with progressive discounts on the material also remain available in the multi-site option. To these discounts are added the savings in transport and accommodation of personnel, as well as the advantages of always having the base of operations of the supplier nearby, with the optimal reaction capacity and the minimized travel and transport risks.

Finally, it is also necessary to value a lower energy expenditure in transport that helps to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Other featured services

We have service agreements with endorsers with brands such as Yamaha, Roland, DW, Pearl, MarkBass or Orange, among others.

Delivery and collection service adapted to the different needs of the clients.

Our relationship with television, film and advertising has been a constant over the years.

Specialized service of pre-production and coordination of the festival backline.

Assistance throughout the event with technical support at different levels.


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